Uncharitable asked radical questions about why we deny humanitarian organizations the huge economic freedoms we give to business. Charity Case asks why we have never made the case for our own liberation. Why do we not stand up for ourselves? Why do we remain voiceless, defenseless, and unorganized in the face of broad public misunderstanding of how social change really happens? And it lays out a brave and detailed strategy for changing that. 

Charity Case for the creation of a new national leadership organization: the Charity Defense Council. And through that, it outlines an assault on the public's hallucinations about the nonprofit sector on multiple fronts:

1) the creation of an anti-defamation league for the sector
2) a legal defense fund
3) a permanent & large-scale public-facing ad campaign
4) enactment of a National Civil Rights Act for Charity & Social Enterprise
5) the grassroots organization of the sector itself, on its own behalf

We know what the problem is.
If you're serious about social change, we now have an actionable solution.